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GOKE News-澳门金沙国际独一受权

GK2301, China’s first dual-certificated (OCSSA&ITSEC) SSD controller chip, is official released


November 16,2017 Goke Microelectronics held the conference named “ Safe and Controllable, starting from chip”  in Beijing to introduce China’s first dual-certificated (OCSSA&ITSEC) SSD controller chip, GK2301. It’s Goke’s second-generation SSD controller fully developed by itself .-41668金沙官网

Goke introduced the features and performance of GK2301 and its solutions to the guests and also did the demonstration of the samples.  At the same time, the participants discussed the opportunities and challenges of China secured-storage market during the conference.

"We are able to provide diverse solutions and differentiated services, such as cryptographic SSD cloud storage solution, operate system trusted certification and so on to meet the requirement of our customers. " said by Mr. Ma Yi, GM of Goke SSD product.-澳门金沙国际独一受权