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brief introductionGOKE navigation and positioning product is based on high-performance,multi-GNSS and RF&baseband integrated chip, devoted to providing competitive standard-grade and professional-grade navigation and positioning solutions to customers.-金沙国际网址-41668.com网站-www.js92.com-金沙js80806.com
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    Autonomous and ControllableGOKE navigation and positioning has fully independent intellectual property rights and focus on those important application fields such as navigation, positioning and timing and make sure they are secure and controllable.
    1. GOKE navigation and positioning chips and low-level software has fully independent intellectual property rights and GOKE provides low-level APIs forupper applicationsand related technical support.
    2. GOKE has deep corporation with National University of Defense Science, Zhejiang University and many suppliers of navigation and positioning modules. With fully independent intellectual property rights,, we can customize automotive and wearable applications to provide the most cost-effective solutions tothe market.
    3. Deeply cooperated with SMIC advanced 40nm technology, GOKE develops the RF+baseband chip and therefore has had very good RF performance..
    4. With unique ID of built-in flash, every chip is traceable. By low-level encryption, the encrypted position information can be output. GOKE provides secure and controllable positioning chips and solution for security requirement.
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    High Performance and Low Power ConsumptionGOKEhas spent a lot of investment on the key technology of navigation and positioning chips for a long time. With advanced technology such as multi-GNSS reuse, concurrent positioning and integration of RF and baseband, GOKE is targeted to be the leading domestic provider of navigation and positioning chips.
    1. GOKE R&D team of navigation and positioning products has more than 50 members. The team contains RF, baseband algorithm, chips, software, hardware and testing, who has very richexperience in R&D.
    2. GOKE chips can support the four mainstream navigation systems: GPS, Beidou, Glonass and Galileo. GOKE chips can support concurrent positioning such as GPS+Beidou or GPS+Glonass, which is fully configurable. With high positioning accuracy, fast positioning, integrated PMU and low power consumption, GOKE chips can substitute imported chips.
    3. Built in with Flash, GOKE chips can flexibly upgrade its software, keep the previous ephemeris data after power off and can quickly position in the next power on.
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    Competitive PriceFocus on developing navigation and positioning chips with independent intellectual property rights,Goke provides chips, reference design, pre-sales and after-sales technical supportto help customers achieve success of business.
    1. GOKE has complete series of chip product including standard-grade and professional-grade navigation and positioning and offers total solutions,includingchips, reference design and pre-sales/after-sales technical support.
    2. GOKE can customize solutions for different requirements. For instance, the Beidou solution for ministry of transport bids, very competitive and low-cost dual mode solution and wearable lowerpower consumption solution,etc.
    3. Domestically leading professional navigation and positioning chips and solutions:
    4. 1. With better performance and lower power consumption, GK9501, the multi-GNSS SoC which integrates on-chip CMOS RF and digital baseband, is domestically leading, benefit from 40nm advanced technology of SMIC..
    5. 2. By improving low power design overall in algorithm, chip integration, foundry technology and HW/SW implementation,GK9503 could have ultra low power consumption, which is quite appropriate for IoT applications.
    6. 3. Excellent navigation and positioning solutions with independent intellectual property rights .
  • Customer FirstCustomer First and always focus on their requirements, Goke provides prompt response and best service to bring the maximum benefit to customers.
    1. GOKE provides total solutions of navigation and positioning for customers to helps them be much more competitive in the market.
    2. GOKE builds up its own organization, human resource and process of technical support to promptly response to customers’ requirements and willcontinuously improve for this purpose.
    3. GOKE provides local technical support and establishes regional support centers in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing to provide prompt support to customers.
    4. GOKE provides customization of solutions, helps customers have time to market mass production and their unique requirements.